Our Position and Values

Our Position and Values

For over 20 years Ontario Cottage Rentals has worked hard to match cottage owners with vacationers all across Ontario’s Cottage Country. At Ontario Cottage Rentals we are more than just a listing website! We help cottage owners who love their cottage property be able to keep cottages in the family and maintain property values. We also help families and friends find the right cottage that suits all of their needs and provide them with the best cottage vacation experience possible.

For many cottage owners rental income can help to offset cottage operating costs, such as property taxes or maintenance, or to help fund special projects and renovations. Our services can help turn vacant weeks into a potential source of revenue which can be put towards maintaining the cottage so that the owner and their family can enjoy it for years to come. We understand sharing a cherished cottage property for owners is a big decision. We provide information, assistance and specialized service so that cottage owners can attract the right guests. We also look for guests on their behalf who will cherish the traditional summer vacations at the lake just like they do.

The greatest thing about renting a cottage vacation is that you get the best of cottage country without all the work and expense of owning a cottage. We have spent many years establishing relationships with our guests who love to come back year after year. Those who are coming up to explore cottage country, want to visit local attractions and businesses, experience quiet cottage life, make memories and start family traditions.

We believe in responsible cottage rentals. We educate guests and owners about cottage country living and etiquette. We provide House Rules and Terms & Conditions of Rental that specify guests responsibilities during a rental period, and we ensure the sustainable use of cottage properties, recognizing the limits of the existing septic system, road capacity and other community considerations.

As members of many township chambers of commerce and lake associations we attend member meetings to address concerns about vacations rentals and promote harmonious relationships between cottage owners and residents. Ontario Cottage Rentals Inc. is a TICO (The Travel Industry Council of Ontario) certified Rental Agency #50021215. We comply with rules, standards, laws or following a code of conduct.

We take a professional approach to marketing and advertising. Our commission rate is competitive and our rental rates are based on market comparisons and displayed on our website for the year, there is no price hike or pricing strategy when we offer promotions and discounts to our renters.

When you decide to rent out your cottage property or stay in one of our cottage rentals you are not using an “instant booking” type of site or service. We offer a comprehensive, reliable, and trustworthy personalized rental management service. We are vacation specialists with 20 years of experience in travel, tourism and vacation rentals with a large inventory that offers clean, comfortable cottage accommodations to meet our customers needs and expectations.