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Rental Management

Consider renting your cottage?

We understand renting your property is a big decision and you may find yourself trying to decide whether to manage the process yourself or use a property rental management service. With OCR we work with you to eliminate the time consuming aspects of managing your own property. For over 20 years we have been helping match cottages to renters and renters to cottages throughout Ontario from our offices located in the beautiful town of Huntsville. With OCR we will manage the end-to-end rental process on your behalf. 

Renting your property can be extremely satisfying, more so if you have a trusted partner doing the heavy lifting! With OCR, you will know that it is being done right by being well promoted, well taken care of, by providing enjoyment to others and generating revenue all at the same time.

Top reasons to make OCR your Rental Management Partner

Eliminate the time-consuming aspects of managing your own
property. We will manage the end-to-end rental process safely and securely on your behalf.

Reduce risk and gain peace of mind with care for your property. We are looking out for you and
your cottages’ best interests by matching the ideal vacationers with your property.

Earn more from your cottage rental property. With over 20 years of experience we are the experts in cottage rental market to make your rental business a success.

Rental Management Services

Inquiries & Reservations

Our staff are prepared for every possible inquiry, ensuring that guests are well looked-after and matched with the cottage that is the best fit for them.

Local Marketing Expertise

OCR will ensure that your cottage gets maximum exposure by marketing on a variety of platforms, including our own website which ranks extremely high on all search engines.

24/7 Quest Support

We provide a 24/7 emergency support line to our guests while they are in the cottage. If any unlikely scenario occurs, our staff are on top of it right away.

Advanced Guest Matching

Our staff are prepared for every possible inquiry, ensuring that guests are well looked-after and matched with the cottage that is the best fit for them.

Detailed Cottage Listing

We highlight all the features of your cottage with a detailed writeup and professional photographs which will capture the essence of your property.

Cleaning & Post-Inspections

If you are in our cleaning area our staff will ensure your property is thoroughly cleaned and will walk through the cottage and make sure everything is in perfect condition.

What to expect

Our staff will visit you at your cottage to discuss the program and the features of your property. At this point professional photographs will be taken to market your property, and a detailed description will be formulated. After the meeting we will return to the office to determine a compatible rental rate and create your unique webpage. We will be including as many photos as we feel necessary to market your property effectively.

There will be a fee for the initial visit and set up of your rental property – this fee includes the cost of your rental management for the coming season, setup of your property’s webpage on our website, 3rd party advertising on other affiliated listing sites, and print advertising with the Getting Away Directory distributed to travel kiosks all across Central Ontario. 

As your rental management agency, we field inquiries, take applications, screen guests, and process all of the bookings. We will arrange payment and damage deposits. Next, we ensure arrangements for keys, inspection, arrival, and departure. We collect all payments, and send your rental income directly to you. Cottage owners do have minor responsibilities during each rental period, and we’re happy to discuss them with you. We work together — as a team — to ensure your cottage is rented, and that your guests are well satisfied and enjoy the best vacation possible. 

Our full-service rental packages are not expensive — just an initial set-up fee and a small percentage of the cottage rental bookings we make for you.

An Introduction to OCR


We would manage the entire rental process from start to finish. It begins with our staff matching guests to your cottage and corresponding to any inquiries prior to an application being submitted. Once an application is received, it’s time to get more information!
Our staff will then take care of all payments, directions, additional information and even provide a 24/7 emergency line for guests while they are at the cottage. We are always available to deal with any queries. We are also able to offer housekeeping in certain areas at NO COST to the owner. Our housekeepers check the property to make sure it is picture perfect, before our office staff release the security deposit to the guests and send the owner their cheque! Our staff work hard so you don’t have to!

Our staff will give you the opportunity to reserve the dates that you would like to use the cottage at the beginning of the year. Once you have selected all the dates that you are intending to use, we rent out the rest. If your cottage does not receive a booking for a certain week you are also able to reserve that week (this must be close to the date, as we often receive last minute bookings). The more weeks you make available in the summer, the more profitable rentals you will receive.

There are a number of items which guests expect to be available at the cottage. In order to have satisfied vacationers, your cottage will need to be equipped with enough cooking utensils, glassware, dishes and cutlery to provide for the maximum capacity of your cottage. In addition to this you will need basic appliances such as; kettle/coffeemaker, toaster, microwave and any other useful appliances that you can make available. All beds should have mattress covers, pillows, comforters and extra blankets for the odd cold spell. There should be paper products such as toilet paper and paper towels to start the week – guests can provide their own refills. OCR also requires adequate safety supplies to be accessible within the cottage, and clearly marked. These would be things such as fire extinguishers, first aid supplies and flashlights for potential power outages.

Optional inclusions which may make your property more coveted are; water toys (canoes/kayaks/floaties), games/puzzles, television and DVD capabilities, pool tables, foosball, ping pong, volleyball equipment, etc. These items can make the difference between a good vacation and a great one.

Here at Ontario Cottage Rentals we have experienced Sales Professionals that can talk you through the process from start to finish and give you all the information you need to begin renting your cottage. Call one of our staff today on (705) 788 1807 or email

Have you found that you are using the cottage less and less recently? Perhaps the kids are all grown up, or your career has become very demanding. These vacant weeks can be a potential source of revenue which can be put towards maintaining your cottage so that your family can enjoy it for years to come. Having vacationers at your cottage also allows you to discover any issues quickly and easily – as our thorough staff will contact you with any thing that arises so that permanent or severe damage can be avoided.
It is well known that cottaging in the summer is a big part of the Canadian summer pastime. You will make the most profit from renting weeks during the Summer. Our winterized cottages are also very popular amongst guests; therefor you can expect to get rentals in the off season.

At OCR we pride ourselves on our intensive screening procedures which many other organisations to not undertake. We take every measure possible to prevent partiers or destructive guests from entering your cottage. If our staff have any doubts about the guests, they will not accept the application, it isn’t worth the risk! You can rest assured that our staff are looking out for you and your cottages’ best interests!

What our cottage owners say about us

Their procedure for screening guests is excellent since the guests are respectful and appreciative of my property and the effort I make to give them a good vacation.


Ontario Cottage Rentals provides me with good service and communication. I especially like and respect their screening techniques to match and evaluate a prospective renter. I highly recommend them.


It appears that OCR tracks customer satisfaction and then recommend units that consistently meet or exceed your clients’ expectations.


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