Rental Guidelines

Rental Guidelines

Please take a moment to read through our Rental Guidelines. 

Before you think about renting a cottage it’s important to be aware of a few simple rules and guidelines. Information regarding country living and etiquette, responsibilities to expect during a rental period, safety and other general information.

Where a paw-print symbol is indicated on a cottage listing, pets are welcome under the following conditions:

i. Owners must clean up after pets (inside and outside) so that the next guests do not have to face any unpleasant surprises.
ii. All pets must be kept on a leash when outside.
iii. Animals must be kept off all furniture at all times.

A symbol indicates that there is absolutely no smoking allowed inside the cottages. If you must smoke, smoke outside, disposing in a container.

i. Ontario Cottage Rentals Inc., reserves the right to consider the rental cancelled in the following circumstances:

1) If the Vacationer provides written notification of cancellation;

2) If the Vacationer a) fails to pay the balance of the rental by the time specified. 

* In the event that the booking is cancelled, Ontario cottage Rentals Inc., without being obliged to do so, may attempt to rebook the property.

 – If the booking is cancelled more than one month before the booking date, the Vacationer is refunded all monies, less the 13% non-refundable booking fee.

 – If the booking is less than one month, the Vacationer is refunded all monies less the 13% non-refundable booking fee, IF the cottage is rebooked. If the cottage is not rebooked, there will be no refund. 

ii. If the rental property has been damaged by unforeseen circumstances, such as fire or flood, or acts of nature, and has been deemed “not rentable”. Ontario Cottage Rentals Inc., will make every effort to find another suitable alternative rental for the rental period. In the event that Ontario Cottage Rentals Inc., is unable to find another option, the agreement shall become null and void and all payments will be refunded to the Vacationer.
iii. If the property has been subject to power of sale action, Ontario Cottage Rentals Inc., will make every effort to find another suitable alternative rental for the rental period. In the event that Ontario Cottage Rentals Inc., is unable to find another option, the agreement shall become null and void and all payments will be refunded to the Vacationer.
iv. If there are inconveniences during the cottage rental due to appliance failure, technical difficulties or hydro disruptions/outages, no refunds or discounts will be given. Ontario Cottage Rentals Inc., will make every effort to assist and solve these problems within reasonable means.
v. If there is a violation of the Terms and Conditions by all or some Vacationers, Ontario Cottage Rentals Inc., reserves the right to refuse entry to the rental premises. Ontario Cottage Rentals Inc., has zero tolerance for infringement of the Vacation Rental Agreement; including, but not limited to aggressive and unruly behaviour, and will not provide a refund.

If the Province shuts down Short-Term Rentals for your booking dates, the following Covid cancellation policy will apply:

In light of the COVID situation, our current cancellation policy has been adjusted to the following:

         • The initial payment to secure a booking, (the deposit), which is 50% of the rental fee before fees and taxes, will be transferred to any future booking.
         • Any monies paid after the initial payment, (the deposit) as described above, will be refunded to you. 

Although there are fire pits at many of the cottages, it is important to follow safety guidelines:

i. Before lighting a fire in the fire pit, call toll-free 1-877-847-1577 for daily fire danger ratings and more information on burning. Fire bans can change regularly so it is important to know the current status to prevent causing a forest fire or receiving a hefty fine.
ii. Never leave a fire unattended.
iii. If you are bringing your own firewood, please purchase it locally to the cottage so that you are not transporting any pests into the area.

The cottage listing will indicate whether you should expect a barbeque at the cottage you are renting. There will likely be an extra propane tank as well. Please be sure that the second tank is not left close to the barbeque as this creates a fire hazard.

All garbage accumulated during your stay must leave the property upon departure. Check the owner’s instructions for the nearest dump location or more detailed instructions regarding garbage.

Cottages are generally on a well system and therefore water consumption needs to be kept down. Please remember that it is important to use the least amount of water as possible. All water use should be at a minimum (short showers, shallow baths, and minimal water for dishes). It is recommended that you bring your own drinking water to the cottage you rent.

If it should happen that the power should go off during your stay, the pump will not operate. This means, that the toilet can only be flushed once, until the power is restored. If necessary, toilets can be flushed manually with lake water.

This is very important. Everyone in your rental party must be aware of the care and maintenance of this system to prevent any unpleasant and expensive issues. Single ply toilet paper should only be used as toilet paper. No other object, including paper towels and feminine products can be flushed down the toilet.

All renters and members of their party must respect the cottage and surrounding property. Please contact us immediately with details of any damage done to the property or any of the furniture, fixtures, fittings and effects.

It is important inquire about the specific cottage you are renting to determine whether there is a phone available for you to use. When a phone is available it can be used for local calls only. Don’t assume that your cell phone will work. Ask in advance to determine whether service is generally available at the cottage you will be staying at.

You have contracted for a set number of guests during your stay. If you plan to exceed this amount the owners’ permission must be granted. Most importantly, too many people can overload the septic system with unpleasant and expensive consequences. The system has been designed with a certain number of occupants in mind.

Vacationers are not expected to clean the cottage. It is the vacationer’s responsibility to leave the cottage in a tidy state. Cleaning supplies are available in the cottage for your use if required. Dishes should be clean and put away. Garbage should be taken away.