5 easy campfire meals

07/29/2022 | by Webmaster | Vacation Rentals


Looking to make deliciously easy meals for the whole family around the campfire this trip to the cottage? Here are five great recipes we found.


Tin foil Surf n’ Turf

Want the luxury of surf n’ turf but around the campfire surrounded by loved ones and the view of a lake? Check out this great recipe that shows you how to cook the best surf n’ turf on an open flame of a campfire.


Skillet Ratatouille

Want to feel like you’re in Italy while you’re surrounded by trees, water, and wildlife? Check out this Ratatouille recipe we found using the flame from a campfire and a skillet.


Campfire Pizza

Pizza is one of the most fun meals you can make with your family since the range of toppings can in theory be endless. Learn what you need to make great campfire pizzas with the recipe provided.


Chicken and Bacon Ranch Packets

Want something a little more unique that the whole family will love? Check out this video recipe on how to make Chicken and Bacon Ranch Packets over the campfire.


Grilled Cheese

The classic grilled cheese is a king of lunch and could also be used for a lazy dinner or for any picky eaters at dinner. Checkout this great recipe we found to allow anyone to conquer the campfire grilled cheese