Fun board games for adults at the cottage

07/20/2022 | by Webmaster | Vacation Rentals


The kids have been put to bed and it’s finally time for the adults to have some fun. The bottle(s) of fermented grape juice start flowing, and the laughter starts arriving, let’s just try not to wake the kids, now shall we. Here are five of the best adult board games we’ve found.

Betrayal at House on the Hill:

Betrayal at House on the Hill lets a person star in their very own horror movie, but the twist is there’s no way to know if the person is the hero or victim of the story until it’s too late. This one key aspect makes the game great is that it is one of the most re-playable board games out there on the market. When you start this game, you will have no idea what is ahead of you. This is because you, alongside the other players lay down room tiles at random as everyone goes through this haunted house. As the game progresses, random creepy events happen. For example, a monster hungry for flesh wakes up in the basement. Throughout the game you will never know whether a player is on your side or while backstab you. Perhaps a teammate may try to sacrifice you in exchange for extra life. The game is super suspenseful and will tell you a whole lot about the people you are playing against.

Puzzle: Azul:

For the people out there who want a more relaxing game experience, Azul may be your go-to. The game is to place tiles on the board and score points, as simple as that. Some may even describe it as a “colour-based crossword’. You’ve still got to take care, though. The aim is to not waste tiles, this means there is much manoeuvring and competition to outwit your opponents.


Catan sends you in a time machine back to the settling of the wild frontiers. Your goal as a settler is to inhabit this island and expand your civilization through trade. The trick is to know where to inhabit since resources are determined by probability of dice rolls, therefore quite scarce. Some locations supply greater resources which make for people to race and claim the best locations. Like Monopoly, players can trade for resources they need with other players, better trades mean better chances of winning. What follows is an intriguing balancing act.


Warning, this game may bring out the immature adults. The game is described by as a “A filthy-minded road trip through the weirder parts of your brain, it’s a delight at parties that’s best described as a cross between Telephone and Pictionary”. To play, a player receives a crazy prompt card, whatever it is, the player must draw it. (“photocopying your balls”). After, the drawing is handed to the person beside you who has to guess what it is.

Next, the picture gets passed down again and the next person has to guess what the thing the second person thought the picture was of and draw it. The original drawing will be unrecognizable and just downright hilarious.

The game is practically broken visual, inappropriate, broken telephone, and it is just so fun. It’s also very similar to cards against humanity since it is based off of dark humour.

Joking Hazard:
Like Cards against Humanity but with artwork. Players get a cartoon strip and a series of random cards from a pile; they must strategically place the best card from their hand that fits the cartoon strip the best in order to amuse the chosen player. The funniest selection by a player wins the hand and the player with the most hands won at the end of the game wins the game!
Easy to learn and honestly hilarious.


Hope you have fun at your next games night, adults!