Boat Launch

Big Chute Country

05/27/2020 | by Webmaster | Vacation Rentals

At time of publishing, Parks Canada has stated the Trent-Severn Waterway has a target date of June 1st to be open for navigation. This is subject to change, but our fingers are crossed with hopes that people will soon be able to enjoy the wonders and beauty of Lock 44 – The Big Chute Marine Railway which remains the only marine railway of its kind in North America still in use. 

While the entire Trent-Severn is vital for navigation from Lake Ontario to Georgian Bay, Lock 44 has also become a popular place to visit and witness this engineering marvel.

Located east of highway 400 near Honey Harbour, Ontario the lock operates as an open carriage that runs on rails, physically lifting the boats out of the water and over 60 feet of elevation before launching them back into the water where they can continue their journey. While gatherings are not yet permitted, the area also has grounds for picnicking and boater camping and some Parks Canada places will begin to offer limited access and services while maintaining physical distancing measures. For now, we hope they will be able to operate for through navigation June 1st.

For updated information on scheduled openings and limitations, please visit here