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COVID-19 – A Special Message From OCR

03/27/2020 | by Webmaster | Vacation Rentals

Hello Cottage Lovers,

As we continue to navigate these unknown times, we want to reach out and update you on how we at OCR are approaching the situation.  Our hearts go out to anyone who has been impacted by the virus, directly or indirectly.

As an online business, some of our staff are able to continue to work from home, while some are now able to return to the office, ensuring that we fulfill our commitment to keep you, the customer, informed. While things may be done differently during this time, please know that our team remains dedicated to treating everyone with care and respect.

While we are dealing with the COVID-19 situation, we understand that it will be important to maintain a positive outlook, while preparing for a virus-free future.  With that in mind, here are several points to convey:

  • Now that our web system is automated, clients are able to book and use credit cards online with no physical need for paper.
  • Our cleaning staff have been instructed to do a thorough cleaning, and then a disinfecting (2-step system) for any cottages that require cleaning.
  • In the spirit of optimism, we are continuing our hiring.  So, if you are interested in any of the positions posted, please drop us a line.
  • We are excited and inspired about our rental management program and are continually bringing new cottages into the OCR family.


We applaud those committed to staying safe and ask that everyone to continue physical distancing, which is critical to slowing the spread of COVID-19.  Choose knowledge over fear.  Please remember to be kind and support each other, especially our most vulnerable.  Stay safe and healthy.

S.M. Givens, Managing Director, Ontario Cottage Rentals (OCR)