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It appears that OCR tracks customer satisfaction and then recommend units that consistently meet or exceed your clients’ expectations.


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Their procedure for screening guests is excellent since the guests are respectful and appreciative of my property and the effort I make to give them […]


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Ontario Cottage Rentals provides me with good service and communication. I especially like and respect their screening techniques to match and evaluate a prospective renter. […]

F. A.

| 01/25/2021 | by Webmaster |

“OCR did a great job!!”

P. M.

| | by Webmaster |

You guys were great to deal with!! – P.M.

J. L.

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Everything was better than expected, Thank you OCR! – J.L.

V. C.

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“Everyone was courteous and helpful. We book our cottage vacations through OCR every year!”

A. M.

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Doing a good job. We have used your firm 3 years in a row and it has worked well. – A.M.

F. W.

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Thank you so much for being such a great, helpful reliable company to rent my summer cottage from. I have been telling everyone what a […]

C. W.

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“We have been very happy with the service of the OCR! This is why we have come back over the past 3 years as we […]

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